Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Why choose Daft, Stamos, and Myers?


The number of choices for orthodontic treatment today can be overwhelming.  Options range from traditional private practices (like ours) to managed care offices (corporate dentistry like Western Dental) to do-it-yourself options like Smile Direct Club (please don’t!). The 2 former options should have trained orthodontists who you can actually speak with and who are directing treatment. As trained specialists, we believe you will receive the best care from someone who has dedicated their professional life to treating orthodontics only.  You can check out our February blog for more information on why that matters.

Today we would like to share some reasons why you should visit our offices and why you might consider receiving orthodontic treatment from us.  I think one of the biggest reasons can be simply stated as: we care. Our mission in life is to provide exceptional orthodontic care and excellent service to our patients and their families. From the moment you walk in our door and see Shelby or Lori smiling as they help you through any initial questions or concerns you will begin to understand that this place may be a little different. You will also find that Donna, Mel, and Margie are gentle as they remove the colors from around braces and change wires, and they always take interest in anything happening in your life. Kim and Pat are excellent resources for any financial information and will help you best utilize any insurance benefit.

Drs Daft, Stamos, and Myers all share in this philosophy. All of our decisions are made to benefit you. Yes, we straighten teeth, but we also pay special attention to how your teeth function so that you receive not just a smile that will last a lifetime but also a bite that prevents you from having more problems later in life.

We do braces (and Invisalign and growth modification and much more!), but we treat people.  If you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or a friend or family member, give us a call and drop by for a complementary exam.  Find out for yourself how we can help you get the smile you want and deserve.

Sacramento office- 916-441-3925
Fair Oaks office- 916-966-1751

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