Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Braces or….??

Back in the day, you could have any kind of braces you wanted as long as they were metal and placed on the outside part of your teeth. Today these still exist, but you have a couple other options to consider when deciding on how you want to create the perfect smile – clear plastic trays and lingual braces (braces on the tongue side!).
Clear plastic trays are often referred to as Invisalign, as this is the company that started it all. Invisalign can be described as a series of these plastic trays, each tray moving teeth just a little until you have used enough trays to align all the teeth.  Invisalign is still the big name in town, but there are other companies moving into this space, including businesses offering treatment without ever having to visit an orthodontist. (Side note: as a group of humans who cares about the health and well-being of other humans, please do not seek orthodontic treatment without the supervision of an orthodontist!) A big advantage to this type of treatment is that the trays are nearly invisible and so much more esthetic than regular braces. Also, for better or worse, the trays can be entirely removed for eating and oral hygiene.
Another option is lingual braces.  The example used by our office is INBRACE. INBRACE places something like braces on the tongue-side of your teeth, so they are practically invisible. For mild corrections of crowding or spacing this is an exciting alternative to regular braces and has some advantages over moving teeth with clear plastic trays. Aside from the obvious esthetic benefit, INBRACE custom bends their wires so that treatment is efficient and it is easy to maintain excellent oral home care.
All of these options have inherent advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in hearing more about regular braces, Invisalign, or INBRACE, among the many other products at our disposal, please feel free to call our office in downtown Sacramento or Fair Oaks and we can set up a free consultation to help determine the best treatment method for you.
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